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Ancient British Spring Poetry (2012)

The back garden

My UK back garden in the sun 2012

The tadpoles in the garden Are turning into frogs The sun is shining It’s too hot for dogs The fruit trees are blooming The country it is parched Who could believe it? It’s still only March

The sky is a deep blue They’re swimming in the sea People wearing shorts And sipping cream tea The weather is delightful The sunshine is so hot I gotta put a hat on Before I lose the plot

It’s hotter than Venice It’s hotter than Spain The headlines in the papers Make that plain It’s hotter than Greece It’s hotter than Rome Who needs a holiday? When you can stay at home

So I’m sitting in my garden I’m watching bees buzz I’m listening to the flowers grow The dog just does The fruit trees are blooming Pink petals in the sun I’m doing nothing Just listening to the hum


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