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American Dumpster


This story had its inspiration from watching dumpster diving videos on YouTube. I was fortunate and fell in with a very entertaining filmmaker and recycling warrior saving the planet from useless landfill and making themselves a few dollars more from the scrap they salvage and selling the often brand new stuff they find on eBay. 

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Mike the Scavenger








You can find Mikes Dumpster Diving Videos here

This is what Mike says about this story

Wow! What an awesome story. I want more! Does he make it out? I definitely like the references about the gloves, the GoPro, the outro and the need for views, I sometimes obsess about getting more views. And what's more insane, I actually keep an aluminum bat behind my bedroom door. I actually see myself here. I drink an IPA from a local brewery and love finding booze in the trash. Man, I tell you, there has been so many unexpected things that have happened since I've started my channel. It is truly becoming surreal. Anyways, I absolutely love this story. Thank you so much. If there is anything I can do don't hesitate to ask.


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