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Rob Burton - Author/Artist etc 
Who am I?

Snooky China Jack Russell

I made the Guardian Newspaper once

This is the link to the article. Rob Burton

Things you might want to know about me . . .


 My name is . . .  Rob Burton - but you know that - it's the name of this website. If you want to be more formal it's Dr. Rob Burton. Or as my students call me Dr. Rob. 


I grew up . . . mainly in Weston Super Mare - a place famous for...John Cleese, Bob Hope, Ritchie Blackmore and, er...Jeffery Archer amongst others. 


I recently (August 2018) got married . . . I had been married in the past - we put these things behind us. I have an 23 year old horse mad daughter back in the UK that I miss.

I can’t live without . . .  Cheese


I can live without . . . the casual racism of some expats here in China


I’m usually hanging out . . . in China at the moment - 9 years and counting.


My biggest dream growing up . . . was to travel and I have managed to fulfil that dream.


I collect . . . well, I used to collect Soviet Memorabilia and books, but since downsizing and moving to China collecting is no longer an option, I travel light. 

My favourite children’s books when I was a kid. . . anything, I used to bunk off school to hide in the Library reading.

My favourite Adult authors . . .  James Lee Burke is a fantastic writer. I have just enjoyed Neil Gaiman's book Neverwhere,  Lee Child's Reacher Books are always good for the long plane journeys. 


My biggest secrets . . . I love Cheese and it's so hard to get in China. When I buy it from the one supermarket that stocks it I usually eat the whole block in one sitting. 

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