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New Short Story - Necrosis

A new short story, an attempt at the horror genre. The story is set in China. If you would like to Beta Read it give me a shout. Its around 4000 words.

Chinese Ghost Festival

Here's a taste:

‘Won’t there be ghosts?’ asked Peng.

Zhao turned away from fiddling with the camera to stare at his dorm mate.

‘What’s that you say, fatty?’ He used the playful nickname he’d bestowed on his porky friend the first day they met and set up their room together.

‘Ghosts, will there be ghosts at the morgue tonight?’ Peng disregarded the nickname because that's what his name meant, “big”. And after all, he had lived up to the name his grandparents had given him when he had been cut out of his diminutive mother’s womb, weighing in at a massive ten pounds. He’d always been a big boy and now after twenty winters had passed he towered over his college mate.

‘Are you scared, you big baby?’ Zhao looked at his friend over the round glasses he affected. Peng knew they were just clear glass and Zhao was just coming the intellectual hoping to impress the pretty girls on their course.

They were both in their final year of university and had been attending classes at Nanjing University of Media and Television studies. Their sights were set on becoming documentary cameramen, they had been working on their final dissertation piece. It was this that was worrying Peng.

‘Why did we have to choose the mortuary, little brother? There were many other suggestions we could have gone with.’

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