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Book Blog Tour with Makayla Townsell

Hello Makayla.

Makayla aspires to be a great writer, such as her favorites, Terry McMillan, Eric Jerome Dickey, and the late Maya Angelou.

Momma Do You Hear My Cry? tells the heartbreaking story of what life is like for the daughter of an addict whose biggest concern is getting her next fix at any cost. But it also sheds a bright light on Townsell’s desire to grow and learn, and brings hope through experiencing the faith and resilience of a woman who refused to live life as a victim. In Momma Do You Hear My Cry?, Makayla Townsell breaks down the walls of shame, despair, fear, anger, and pity by sharing her story. Townsell carefully and artfully reveals her childhood of confusion, anger, and neglect as she searches for the answer to the most resounding questions in her life.

Where in the world are you? Midwest, Omaha Nebraska

Where in the world would you like to be? East Coast New York or West Coast California.

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Website link:

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Favourite book: Mama (Terry McMillan)

Favourite snack when writing: shortbread cookies

What do you write on? Note pad first then I type in Microsoft Word Document.

Where do you write? In my bedroom

What are your current projects? Part 2 of Momma Do You Hear My Cry, Oil & Water Don't Mix, and Just like Daddy...

Can you share a little of your current work with us (no more than 1000 words)?

Trina hadn't been feeling to hot the past few days. She was nervous b/c she knew this feeling oh too well. She also been dreaming of fishes lately. In addition to her dreams she kept seeing references to people being pregnant. She knew her monthly friend was late it has been 2 weeks past due, but she didn't want to believe what she already knew deep down inside. Her mind raced back to that night in October when she hooked up with Lorenzo. That night played in her mind like a movie. She and Lorenzo had been hooking up a lot lately, it was nothing more than a sexual relationship between the two. "You gonna have to take a pill" Lorenzo said to Trina over the phone. "A pill?" Trina questioned thinking he was talking about exstacy. "I don't pop pills" she responded with an attitude ready to go off on his ass for the suggestion. "You did before" he responded. As Trina was protesting she realized what he was talking about. He was talking about the plan b day after pill. She had taken one before when they slipped up and didn't use any protection. "Naw your ass gonna just go buy some condoms" she told him. He agreed after talking a whole bunch of bullshit about how it was too good to use a rubber. Trina wasn't trying to hear his as." Just go get some rubbers and come thru" she told him. She made a joke about them having a baby girl. "You don't want me to have your daughter?" she asked jokingly. He laughed it off as well. When he showed up. They wasted no time at all getting to business. The kissing started and the clothes came off before they could hit the bed. All the stressing Trina did about him getting the condoms went out the door in the heat of the moment. Lorenzo brought the condoms but never had any intentions on using them. Trina was in a zone once he pulled out his package. He had a nice size dick.. It reminded her of a polish sausage after it explodes from being cooked in the microwave. As soon as he penetrated her she felt him hitting her walls immediately releasing fluids from her vagina. He was big but she took every inch of him inside her like a champ. The session turned x-rated real quick. He had put het in every position he could think of. Usually he came quick unable to hold back his nut, but that night he was showing out putting in work. He was making sure Trina wouldn't forget that night. She sure wouldn't forget it but, not for the reason he was thinking. After a great sex session more like a work out. They both fell fast asleep cuddled up like they were a couple. Morning came and Trina politely woke Lorenzo's ass up. It was time for him to go, she usually never had him stay the night. She knew what they had was just sexual and she wasn't trying to catch feelings. She been there done that enough times in her life to not play the fool again. Lorenzo obviously wasn't ready to go, he was kind of shocked that Trina was putting his ass out. He grabbed her ass in a attempt to get another hit before he left, but Trina wasn't with the shits. She had stuff to do that day and he wasn't it. After Trina had her quick flashback of her night with Lorenzo a few weeks back she came back to reality. Something wasn't right with her body she just knew it. Before heading home Trina stopped at the Walgreens around the corner from her house. She grabbed a at home pregnancy test so she could eliminate the thought of her being pregnant. After getting home and doing all her household chores Trina passed out in her bed. At about 1 in the morning Trina got up to go pee. She grabbed her test and took it with her. She quickly opened up the package and started peeing on the stick. Before she could finish peeing the plus and minus sign was visble confirming that she was pregnant. Trina was in shock, she brought the test but she was positive she was wasting her money and her period was only late due to some other unknown reason. Deep down she knew better tho she just wasn't qute ready to wrap her mind around it.

Why did you write that? What inspired it?

That is an insert from one of my fictional stories that I plan to have a series of books. The main character name is Trina and that insert is one of many of her life trials and tribulations.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

If writing is truly your passion, Don't give up...

Who is your favourite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Terry McMillan because she gives a lot of detail making you feel like you are truly connected with characters in her stories.

Which author do you most resemble?

Currently I can't say my writing style resembles anyone's. I just write from my heart and mind trying to give the reader detail to take them to the places my characters are.

Can you tell us a writerly joke? Hi I'm a writer my hobbies include not writing...

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