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21 random things about me

I was born in Birmingham UK.

I failed miserably in learning the guitar.

I have worked and lived in 4 different countries.

I don’t like potholing.

I once drove my secondhand Citroen from Plymouth UK to Sevastopol in the Crimea.

I played rugby for Weston-Super-Mare in my youth.

I have climbed all three of Britain’s mountains.

I was a 30-year plus vegetarian until China.

I once, quite by mistake, bought £200’s worth of speed from Bristol Hell’s Angels.

I drove a 3-ton blue ex-army truck from Johannesburg to the Kazungula Ferry in Botswana.

I fired an AK47 on full auto in Ukraine.

I have never been arrested.

I still wear a Crombie overcoat, Ben Sherman shirts and Doc Marten shoes.

I surf, but I was unimpressed with Bondi Beach.

I downsized. All I own is in a cupboard under the stairs in the UK. (The stuff here in China is transitory)

I worked as a tour guide down a slate mine in Cornwall

I once signed the Official Secrets Act (Don’t ask)

My first motorbike was a Triumph Trophy 250

I participated in the anti-poll-tax riot in London.

I don’t own a TV.

I do not know anybody I went to secondary/high school with.

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