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Book Blog Tour with TrayCee Truth

TrayCee Truth

Today we are meeting a Canadian writer who brings a reflexive slant into her academic but autobiographical novel - currently studying for her MA in this book she explores a specific set of examples of social "isms" regarding cultural ageism and adultism, racism, and sexism.

Name: TrayCee Truth

Current Book: THE THERAPEUTIC ALLIANCE HANDBOOK: A Study of Modern Intersectionalities of the 21st Century (Truth Alliance Series)

Your Book Synopsis Why did you write that? What inspired it?

The Therapeutic Alliance Handbook is a study of modern intersectionalities of the 21st century which, includes ethical and holistic social work within current environmental factors and socio-economical practices and governmental policies. The handbook explores a specific set of examples of social "isms" regarding cultural ageism and adultism, racism, and sexism. Thus, various intersectionalities which have occurred in my life has prepared me to write and composed these experiences into this book.

Author Bio

The author TrayCee Truth is a holistic civil servant, who holds a degree in social work and is currently working towards her master's degree in advanced clinical social work. She has worked steadily in various areas of the social service systems within Canada throughout the last fifteen years for systematic change on the micro, mezzo, and macro levels of social work ethics and essential practice measures. She has had vital and progressive roles in areas such as provincial policy and assessment divisions, mental health court diversion programs, youth probation, child-welfare, public and private education systems along with efforts in advocacy rights for all genders.

Where in the world are you?

I currently live in Ontario, Canada while, studying internationally in the U.S. for my master degree in advance clinical social work. Likewise, I’m enjoying meeting various people from across North America and listening to their stories of self-preservations and perseverance.

Favourite book:

My favourite book has always been “The Colour Purple” since I was a child. I remember fondly reading each word and visualizing each scene as it played out within each chapter.

Favourite snack when writing: I enjoy snacking on chai tea and popcorn (sweet and salty).

What do you write on – computer (what type) – software –pen and pencil – quill and vellum – and tell us why.

I mostly write on a MacBook pro and the software I use is Microsoft word for Apple. On the go, I write on my trusted old iPad mini in the notepad app and then email my written efforts to myself.

Where do you write? (Can you post a photo?)

Another tidy desk

Another tidy desk

I write wherever, I am aspired. Thus, when an idea or concept comes to my mind, I tend to rush to write it down or record it through voice notes on my iPad mini. For the most part, I write around my wooden vintage table while, drinking tea and contemplating my thoughts into words. I tend to like quiet when I am organizing my thoughts and always have a pair of earphones or earbuds on hand while, I write my formal pieces.

What are your current projects?

I will be presenting a presentation poster on issues of ability and cultural ableism for the University of Regina’s Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences conference in the late spring of 2018. Also, I’m actively promoting my current book and working on second book within the Truth Alliances Series. There are also some collaborative efforts with other authors in works for further book and writing projects as well of 2018/19.

Can you share a little of your current work with us (no more than 1000 words)?

Excerpt from “THE THERAPEUTIC ALLIANCE HANDBOOK: A Study of Modern Intersectionalities of the 21st Century (Truth Alliance Series)”


“Looking at my own experiences with ageism and adultism retrospectively has shown myself a sense of reliance which, I have encountered through expertise that has made me break down and cry and question the very reason for my need to be in the Social Health Science(s) field. Thus, by considering my personal and professional areas of problematic experiences/issues within social work and educational fields by desiring more gainful employment has caused me a great deal of anguish and distress over the years. Moreover, how am I supposed to explore the intersectionality’s of adultism, ageism, sexism, and racism that young Canadian Caribbean women like myself have dealt with the constructs of North American society due to being the wrong societal preference? Ethically, how as a holistic social worker within North American cultural realms, could I mitigate these highly and very challenging areas of employment marginalization which, have burned and bruised me within my profession but, wounded me inward to my core? By responding honestly to the journal entry, I will explain a specific set of examples regarding ageism, adultism, and various intersectionality’s that have occurred in my life. Likewise, I also demonstrate how as an ethical and holistic social worker, I can regain my power and intellectual identity to support younger clients and other professionals of color facing adultism and ageism as they may be working towards professional goals which, they have set for themselves with the constructs of North American society. Often, many social workers do not understand their personal and professional complexities as I have identified priory. Usually, social workers as a body of ethical professionals want to help people. However, we do not know or actualize the in-depth understanding that we also need to heal ourselves as mere mortals? I remember this element of my remedial intervention course of the fact that the best therapists go through therapy themselves to develop continuity and transparency in their lives and practical developmental experiences. Comprehensively, cultural adultism can be a very ambiguous, yet very prevalent, form of discrimination and intolerance for young adults of color wanting to gain upward social mobility”.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Writing is an on-going process. So, enjoy the tedious process of many re-writes and numerous attempts in getting your final draft right. Remember, there is no actual rush towards written perfection. For example, start writing on your phone 📱 in a notebook app. Then transfer your works to Word. That's how you get things done. Just start... Watch ⌚ what happens when you believe and begin the process.

Who is your favourite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

I do not have a favourite author per say. However, I do enjoy reading left of centred news stories and political pieces because, it strays away from current news stories that are heavily saturated within our local and nation-wide media outlets.

Can you tell us a writerly joke?

What did the shorter pencil say to the longer pencil? Don’t forget to write in between the lines because the “sheets” are watching.

Anything else on your mind?

I would like to thank everyone who has supported my first self-published book by purchasing it or also buying important chapters of interest. Buying from and supporting indie-authors is greatly important because, we create content that has not been watered down or tampered with; thus, our work is organic and naturally sourced. Moreover, I would like to hear any feedback and responses to the book. You can leave a favourable review on Amazon or connect with me on the book’s Facebook page as well.

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