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These are a few of my .... Things

▪️First Job - at 15 ish, sweeping up in the warehouse of the Fine Fare supermarket chain. The main perk was I could eat biscuits from broken packets. Strangely a lot of chocolate biscuit packets seemed to break on my shift. ▪️Dream Job - I've never had a dream job - and struggle to think what would be better than what I do - teaching. In my last job I only taught 14 hours a week so that was pretty good. ▪️Astrological sign - Pisces ▪️Favorite food - Curry, Fish n Chips, Pizza ▪️Favorite dog type - Jack Russell - mine is currently asleep on the sofa ▪️Favorite shoes - Doc Martens - Cherry Red ▪️Favorite candy - Big Cadbury Chocolate Buttons - out of the fridge cold and crunchy ▪️Favorite Ice Cream - Vanilla - but it has to be good vanilla ▪️Pet Peeve - stealth racists - there's a lot here in China ▪️Your Vehicle colour - Invisible ▪️Favourite Holiday - any holiday is a favourite holiday ▪️Night owl or early bird - early bird ▪️Favourite day of the week - Sunday - but not for religious reasons I think its just engrained in me that this should be slow day. ▪️Tattoos - four ▪️Like to cook- yes, but my wife says Im too messy. ▪️Can you drive a stick shift - of course I'm British - but when I rent a car on holiday and automatic is cool. ▪️Favourite color - any version of blue ▪️Do you like vegetables - Mostly there are a few abominations. ▪️Do you wear glasses - yes ▪️Favourite season-- spring and autumn in the UK. Same here in China but they are shorter.

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