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Fat Man Blues - book review

I purchased this book a few days ago and really haven't been able to put it down. In fact I was reading it a 3:30 this morning as I couldn't sleep. If you love the delta blues of 1930's America and the bluesmen and women of that era then this book is for you. It takes you to that place and pulls no punches Richard Wall (a British Writer which makes it all the more astounding) uses the language and the cadences of the South to bring the story to life. It is a classic blues story of deals done at crossroads at midnight and rough justice deal out by the local rednecks to the plantation workers and the black musicians scraping a living playing on the streets and in the juke joints - its a high rolling, heavy drinking rip-roaring lifestyle played out to the classic blues music of the likes of Robert Johnson and his contemporaries. A recommended read.

Woke up this morning Looking for a book Opened up ma Kindle Just to take a look Got the Fat Man Blues Yeah the Fat Man Blues Took me to Mississippi Read about t' Delta Blues Met up with Hobo John Walked a mile in his shoes Got the Fat Man Blues Yeah the Fat Man Blues Foller'd him to t'Yeller Dog And the other juke joint bars And all I gotta say Fat Man Blues is worth five stars Got the Fat Man Blues Yeah the Fat Man Blues

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