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The Twelfth Rune - 1st draft completed


Woo hoo.

It's The End

The 1st Draft of The Twelfth Rune is finished at 85K words.

A Dan Brownesque romp through Cornish, Welsh, Biblical and Arthurian Myths and Legends.

Is that urban fantasy, contemporary fantasy, or have I just invented 'Rural Fantasy' or what any ideas?

No. 3 in the series which starts with a novella.

The Castle of the Red-Haired Maidens (Historical Fantasy)


Meditations on Murder (Urban Fantasy)

Now the heavy works starts. Proofing, editing, etc etc.

Chapter 1 started 17th January 2017.

So about 14 months but not constant writing. Here and there with lots of time off. (Not blocked but just not writing - doing other stuff - like life which gets in the way)

No cover art yet - but have seen something I have liked. Watch this space.

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