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Another 5 star review on Amazon

Woop - Another 5 star review on Amazon ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thrilling but amusing a story not to be missed

5 March 2018 - Published on

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Meditations on Murder: A Charlie Simpson Novel - Book 1.

I was recommended Meditations on Murder by a friend and I am glad he did, it’s brilliant.

A windy terrier, a beautiful twelfth-century ghost that lives in cyberspace and cooks a delicious full English breakfast, and a wannabe- killer with not so much of a cunning plan, makes this novel very entertaining. This hilarious novel twists and turns with an unexpected and dramatic ending. A must read and I was drawn in from the start and loved it throughout.

Charlie Simpson, the murderous dwarf magnet, fumbles his way through his plot to off people on his ever-changing kill list. With the help of Nye, the Scottish spirit, and his farting puppy, Snoop Doggy Dog, Charlie plans his murderous plot with guidance from Nye. However, Charlie becomes unsure whether Nye is an angel as she suggests, or a demon, as her actions indicate

Which one is she and do they succeed? Google it and find out or better still, read the book, you’ll love it.

Meditations on Murder is an original, well written, and humorous novel. Welcome to the innovative and wacky imagination of Rob Burton

Click on the image to go to Amazon to buy the book

Meditations on Murder Amazon link

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