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Book Blog Tour with Kimberly Jay

Today friends we are meeting Kimberly Jay who is a woman of very many talents. Writer, Poet, Event organiser, Equestrian, blogger the list is immense, plus she is also a mum five kids, so listen up to the Devine Ms. Kim.

Name: It depends on where we are when we meet, 😉 If the first time we meet is on my Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or my Genealogy Blog- I am dvnmskm (Devine Ms. Kim); but if you happen to see me at an Open Mic letting my poems be heard or hosting a local event, well then you’ll be lucky enough to meet SpecialK; if it’s my book or any of my guest blogs or articles that introduces us, I am Kimberly Jay; but if you happen to meet me on the home school blog, in the home school world or out on the farm with the horse, I am simply, Kim… Wherever or however we meet, it is my pleasure to be acquainted with you!

Please give us a short introductory bio.

I think I just did. I’ll give you the basics- I am a mom to five kids, I live just outside of Richmond, VA and I’m a family girl.

Where in the world would you like to be?

The beach- everyday. I don’t think I could tire of that. But I’d like for the beaches to rotate, so I’m not always at the same one…

Books – buy links:

Website link:

Gah. I am still working on that one. It’s coming soon, though!

Blog Link:

Social Media (Please provide links & handles):

Favourite book:

I do not have a favourite book- there’s far too many to choose just one!

Favourite snack when writing:

Ginger ale and Cheese It Crackers

What do you write on – computer (what type) – software –pen and pencil – quill and vellum – and tell us why.

I use my computer, mostly, because it is convenient and effective. However, I use my phone to write on the go and to write most of my poetry pieces. I use it for poetry, because my memory is not to be relied upon and so my phone has become easier to hold, when standing at the mic than a flimsy piece of paper or thick and awkward notebook.

Where do you write? (Can you post a photo?)

I write wherever I can… Sometimes, that is the kitchen table, sometimes it is my bed or the couch… I have been known to sit in my car while the creative juices were flowing and clacked it out on my phone. I write in restaurants- anywhere really. Sadly, I cannot accommodate a picture. (I mentioned I have 5 kids, right? So I’m sure you’ll understand my decline on that one.)

What are your current projects?

Let’s see… Currently, I am working on an adventure, I think. It hasn’t fully revealed itself to me, so I just write when and what it demands and I will figure the rest out later… I am also working on a 2nd devotional and I am in the gathering information phase of a writing project I hope to be able to hand out as presents in 11 months.

Can you share a little of your current work with us (no more than 1000 words)?

I’d love too.

Mia hit the ground, hard, but didn't let the impact slow her. She couldn't stop and so she forced herself up and with catlike reflexes took off. As she ran, she tried concentrating on the sounds around her, but could only hear him. Would he know she'd left by now? It was impossible to tell, but she didn't dare lessen her pace; her only chance at survival meant she had to reach the water. Intuitively, Mia knew that's where she had to go. It pulled her, almost magnetically. Finally, after what felt like hours of running, Mia could hear the faint sounds of the lake lapping at the shore. Panting, exhausted and drenched in sweat, she silently begged her aching muscles not to quit.

At the precise moment when the shore line came into view and her body refused to go any further, collapsing on the pebbled beach- she heard him or felt him, rather, his presence surrounding her like a hungry pack of wolves. He would be on her soon and when he reached her, Mia was certain she would have to pay dearly for this late-night interrupting. A whimper escaped from her lips at the thought of having to go back, the anger and wrath she would suffer.

'I will not go back. I would rather drown in the lake than go back.' A single tear slid down her cheek, as if to solidify this plan. She tried to get up and walk- if she was willingly going to end it, she wanted to do so on her terms and with her dignity in tack. Her traitorous body refused to obey, leaving her to pull and claw her way to the water, the rocks tearing what remained of her already tattered dress.

Reaching the place where she'd find salvation, Mia knew he was watching. He just wasn't close enough to stop her. With what little defiance she could muster, her voice carrying on the wind, she said, "game over, asshole. I win."

As the water pulled and tugged her limp body into its depths, she heard a blood curdling roar and knew she had somehow managed to hurt him as much as he had always hurt her.

Why did you write that? What inspired it?

Honestly, I woke up one morning and it was practically screaming at me to tell it and I have no idea where it came from or what inspired it.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

My advice is to write for you and you alone. If you are passionate about what you are producing, then when the time is right, others will see that passion and be moved to action by it.

Who is your favourite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Much like a favourite book, I don’t have a favourite author. I am fond of Elizabeth Hoyt, Debbie Macomber and Sophie Kinsella, though.

Can you tell us a writerly joke?

You betcha! “I’ll never date another apostrophe again.” “Why?” “That last one was too possessive!” (Now, I confess, I found that on the great world wide web and so the credit isn’t mine. A rousing applause for cartoon stock, my hero.)

Anything else on your mind?

No, I think we’ve covered pretty much everything a body can chat about in a single sitting… I will say this- y’all don’t be strangers now ya here? I’ll be expecting you and your friends to stop on by for a visit real soon.

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