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Karate-oke was my thing

I’ve always wanted the powerful sing

Five years later, a black belt now

And all my singing has the POW

I learnt the kihon as a kid

In a dojo for a quid

My sensei teaching basic scales

Until my voice was hard as nails

I built my waza note by note

Learning tunes rote by rote

Until that day I was really ready

For taijutsu remaining steady

I chose my tunes from the squawky box

In mushin readying my fighting blocks

No kumite this was war apparent

Embusen was now inherent

Kiotsuke, all was quiet and so

I opened my mouth mo ichi do

Time for my kata to come through

But alas my kekomi was all askew

My opponent was one tough mewling sempai

Singing songs of thrilling banzi

Now I was just a blabbing Jonah

Time to just say sayonara


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