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Hooray todays my birthday!

Today it is my Birthday I’m feeling kinda tired Yet only 20 years ago I’d have been feeling kinda wired Today it is my Birthday Another year gone I’m wondering about all those Great things I shudda done I shudda travelled round the world And seen the Taj Mahal Kissed all the lovely women Not let my life just pall I shudda climbed some mountains And swim in the Japan Sea Sing monkey songs with monkeys Eat marmosets for tea I shudda walked the China wall And swum with dolphins free I shudda leapt that canyon grand On a fat boy Harley D I shudda worshipped idols On the road to Shangri La Listened to the silent monks Just one hand clapping – Nah! I shudda spent some money On diamond rings and pearls I shudda spent some evenings With durty durty girls I shudda found some inner peace I shudda found a route I shudda got my arse in gear For my tree of life to fruit I shudda had the kumquats The centre sweet and soft Lived a magazine type lifestyle In an airy New York Loft Or I shudda been a poet Eating canapés and brie Like William Butler Bloody Yeats On the isle of Innisfree But today it is my birthday And all that stuff is tosh If I really take a look around My life is just awash My loving wife and family My darling grown up girl Make all these sad sad sad regrets Unpick, deflate, unfurl Who wants a New York Lifestyle? And Marmosets for tea? Who cares about the idols? And the fat boy Harley D? I’d rather have my family Than all the China tea Because after all that moaning I’m pretty pleased with me So hurrah today’s my birthday I’ll sip a malt whiskey But maybe one day you’ll find me On that Isle of Innisfree.


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