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Black History Month #27 Henry Thomas,(aka Ragtime Texas) (1928)

It's Black History Month #BHM - so every day I'll try and list a black artist or artist's that have influenced my musical tastes or become part of the soundtrack on my life in the UK. #BHM2021

Today No 27 - Henry Thomas,(aka Ragtime Texas) (1928) Going Up The Country (aka Bull Doze Blues)

These last two days of Black History Month will be a homage to the blues because if it wasn't for the blues we wouldn't have todays music as we know it.

I chose this record because I am a fan of Canned Heats 1968 version, its one of my favourite song and I had no inkling it was a cover of this original version. The 1928 version is, in years closer to the Canned Heat version than where we are now in 2021. Food for thought. #blues

Also my Dad was born in 1928 - tho I doubt he has heard this version in his lifetime.


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