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Hangzhou Supermarket Trip 2 - Prepping for the Wuhan Virus lock down

Following the lock down of various areas of Hangzhou because of increased infection rates and rumours that the transport systems were shutting down we decided we needed to go back to the supermarket as things were changing rapidly. Its a 15 minute taxi ride to the closest supermarket so we didn't want to miss out. You can see things are changing, although there is no panic buying and food is available.

Now when we leave our community we have to take our ID (passport or ID card) sign out and have our temperature checked. Then we got this sticker on your phone, so the QR code can be scanned. It was the same for the supermarket (but no sticker)

To show how the fickle finger of fate rules our lives, I was in Wuhan 4 weeks before the first cases of the corona virus came to light.

Ticket to Wuhan

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