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Redstar Magazine Article

A recent article published in the November issue of Redstar Magazine in Hangzhou, China

Need a holiday? Why not have a Staycation?

Staycation! It’s the new buzzword when it comes to holidays. Why suffer crowded holiday destinations and highways that become car parks when you can just stay at home and have your vacation, it’s a ‘staycation.’

The ‘Golden Week’ of the National Day holiday in China has become a nightmare for many people as they attempt to visit scenic areas, popular tourist destinations and theme parks across the country. The roads are jammed and rail travellers are wedged into the compartments like sardines, that’s if they’re lucky enough to get a ticket.

So this year I stayed at home, having a ‘staycation.’ It might just be the sensible option for the future too. We all work very hard and our leisure time is often limited by our hours of work. So why rush off getting even more stressed ‘enjoying’ the holiday when we can stay at home and have some ‘me time’? Do those things you’ve always wanted to do but never have the time. It might just be something simple like reading a book, or watching that old movie curled up on the sofa. Have you ever made jam or baked a cake? Why not? The ‘staycation’ is the perfect time to have a go - to learn something new.

How many of us really know our neighbourhood or our city? I’ve just moved to Hangzhou, what hidden treasures could I find just around that corner, down that street I’ve never walked before? Maybe we just need to take some time to smell the flowers rather than rushing off with the herd to get jostled, frustrated, overcharged, tired and stressed?

So the benefits of the ‘staycation’ might outweigh the often-minimal benefits of the traditional National Day Holiday. For instance, this year, having a ‘staycation’ was far less costly than a normal vacation. I didn’t spend money on hotels, on travel expenses and costly restaurants, not to mention the often-outrageous entry fees to some popular destinations. I just kicked back and enjoyed being with my friends and family, spending time with each other. I had those cosy, carefree and private seven days just to myself.

So next year, why not give yourself a break, stay at home and have a real ‘Staycation’!

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