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The Twelfth Rune is looking for Beta Readers

I have just finished my edit of my novel - The Twelfth Rune. This is a Dan Brownish romp through the myths and legends of Cornwall, England. Charlie Simpson is The Chosen One (he found this out in the first novel 'Meditations on Murder') he doesn't want to be The Chosen One so he left London to escape his past and wants to live a quiet life being a writer in Deepest Cornwall. That is until he finds a box, and in the box is an Amethyst - but what a jewel. It turns out to be a Holy relic and there are other Holy relics Charlie must discover on his quest to avert Armageddon. He is helped on his quest by Cornish Guardians, mermaids and ghosts. It is

complete at around 81,000 words.

Click on Modred's image to download sample chapters. If you would like to beta read the whole novel please contact me.


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