Dumpster - short story shout out for beta reader

I’m stuck inside the dumpster I knew I should have off’d her I couldn’t really trust her I wouldn’t need a silencer Now I’m in the dump dump Feelin like a chump chump Fat Boy you can look but you cannot touch it If you touch it You will start the rammer I don’t want no rammer No No rammer No No No No rammer I don’t wanna be no bug juice Squished like a chocolate mousse Someone come and let me loose

Apologies -The Black Eyed Peas

Get the full story by being a beta reader of my new short-story - Dumpster

(No sex, porn, religion, politics, gory violence, some racist language in context towards a Chinese character)

Here's a review from my first beta reader

...this is excellent! I love the style, the pace and the quirky narrative! Your MC might be considered racist but he's small town American do...lol I also love the cultural nods and chuckles! Humour just right and on point! Brilliant mate!

(rob dot burton54 at gmail dot com)

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