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Book Review - How to Exit Your Body

How to Exit Your Body and Other Strange Tales

Christopher Maxim


This is not my usual reading genre, nor am I a great reader of short stories. But I picked this one up having been intrigued by the titles. In fact I remember in my youth reading about the ability to leave one's body and I tried it. The instructions were in a book by a writer calling himself Lobsang Rampa - a phony Tibetan monk -who it turns out lived down the road from me in Plympton, near Plymouth UK. The book is called The Third Eye and explains Astral projection or Out of Body experiences. I never got farther than lying on my bed willing me legs to lift off. Anyhoo, back to the book. Great stories and great ideas and as I was wizzed through the Chinese countryside at 350kph they helped the time whizz by (It was grey and rainy outside - nothing to see) all too quickly. Will be looking out for more by this author. And staying away from the water... And the Ouija board... And lifts...

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