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International Workers Day May 1st.

Here's a poem I wrote many years ago. In another life I worked both as an apprentice engineer and skilled worker in factories for over 17 years.

Factory Working

A factory worker I'm proud to be

Working class? Yes, that's me

Work with me hands and with me brain

I do my bit, I've no complaints

I've no complaints, although it's true

If I sit and think, I've got a few

Me wages, well they are quite low

It's hard to know where the money goes

The hours are long, and breaks are few

The work is dirty and noisy too

It affects me health, but I don't go sick

Cos I don't get paid, and that's the trick

But there's overtime, I can do a lot

It gives me wages a healthy shot

But me wife and kids they have a moan

I'm always here, never at home

I'm a union man, but I'm not political

I'll say me piece, and I'll be critical

But my vote goes to them that helps me

I bought me house, so I'll vote Tory

Now David Cameron he ain’t done badly

He thinks of us - the Big Society

So I ain’t no damn Labour bellyacher

I know we’re all in this together

Like I said, I'm a working man

I'm proud of it, and I'm sure I can

Get another job when the factory shuts

They say it's because of economic cuts…

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