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100 things about me

100 things about me 1. My birthday was 4th March as is my dog's Snook Doggy Dog (really) 2. I’m 64 3. I’m a cold stone Pisces 4. I was born in Birmingham U.K. 5. I have two sisters 6. One I don’t speak to 7. I am told that I am related to Alexander Selkirk (aka Robinson Crusoe) 8. I like the ocean 9. I like the colours blue 10. and green 11. I like travelling 12. I have visited 4 continents 13. I have visited 26 countries - give or take 14. I am a Batchelor of Science with Honours in Sociology 15. I am a Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology 16. I am a Reverend, being an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, Modesto, California 17. I am not a Christian 18. But I believe in the message and morals of Christianity 19. I have a 19 year old daughter – Matilda 20. I have been married 3 times 21. divorced three times so we are equal 22. I am shoe size 9 23. I like reading 24. I like writing 25. I don’t like maths 26. I don’t eat meat, much 27. I eat all my vegetables 28. I once was, briefly, a soldier 29. I have had an AK47 stuck in my stomach by a soldier in Botswana 30. I didn’t shit myself! 31. I have seen hippopotamus swimming in the Zambezi river 32. I have climbed all three highest peaks in the United Kingdom 33. I have walked the Southern way – over 100 miles in 5 days 34. I am short-sighted 35. I believe that the Revolution is imminent 36. I am Krishna conscious 37. I have broken my left collar bone twice 38. I support the England Rugby team for better and worse 39. Yuri Gagarin is my hero 40. I like shirts 41. I believe in re-incarnation 42. I failed all my exams at secondary school 43. I don’t know any of my old school friends 44. My first wife slept with my best friend 45. I am an ebayer 46. I am a surfer 47. I once owned a Triumph Trophy motorbike 48. and a Lambretta 175 49. I can’t play a single musical instrument 50. I like music 51. My favourite film is ‘Some Like it Hot’ 52. Or maybe ‘Calamity Jane’ 53. I listen to Christy Moore 54. and Nanci Griffiths 55. I want an Ipod 56. I enjoy the works of Leonard Cohen – no really 57. I am currently reading The Silk Roads - A New History of the World 58. I like Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Ice Cream 59. I drink Ukrainian Vodka and Russian Vodka - any vodka really 60. I am a republican 61. I am also a socialist 62. I have driven a truck through Africa 63. I have published 4 books 64. I write poetry (sometimes) 65. I am cynical about counselling 66. I have had counselling 67. I stop voting but started again. 68. I was an elected member of the Labour Party 69. I would like to retire – soon 70. I like sunsets 71. I like being on the beach 72. I have few regrets and like seeing egrets 73. Except not taking up the opportunity of a threesome when it was offered once in Holland (I was married – I have morals) 74. I lived in Holland for 3 years 75. I smoked a lot of dope (notice past tense) 76. I detest fox hunting and cruelty to animals 77. I detest right wing fanatics in all their forms 78. I detest fundamentalism in all its forms 79. My main ambition is to live until I die 80. I drive too much 81. I like driving 82. I hate driving 83. I want to go to Japan 84. I have met some famous people 85. But I can’t remember who 86. My favourite cartoon is Road Runner 87. My cholesterol count is above average 88. So is my waist size 89. I am happy 90. I like my job (most days) 91. I need a holiday 92. I failed my cycling proficiency badge 93. I was a Boy Scout 94. Wittgenstein is my favourite philosopher 95. Baudrillard is my favourite post-modernist 96. Marx is my favourite social theorist 97. I’m told I look like Ozzy Osbourne – I don’t, I've had my hair cut. 98. David Hockney is my favourite artist 99. I don’t have a lucky number 100. I'm in China - don't look me up.

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