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NEW PUBLICATION - Free on Amazon

The Castle of the Red-Haired Maidens is now FREE on Amazon Kindle for a short time (5 days) so please do get there and download yourself a copy.

After reading please do leave a review on Amazon - it helps readers find new books.


Life in twelfth-century Scotland is rough, brutal, and mostly short. It’s no place to be betrothed against your will. But the match of Thain’s daughter Nye with a Viking Jarl will add his warriors to her clan’s war against the English. Taking flight before the pact is sealed, Nye is caught on the road to Edinburgh, bringing death and terror to the Castle of the Red-Haired Maidens. Tangled in a web of deceit, she must uncover long hidden secrets and answer the aged riddles whispered in her father’s ear. If she can escape the ire of the Jarl’s berserkers, make her peace, and claim her birthright from the King of the Isles…

Meet Nye once again 900 years in the future – London 2018 – in Meditations on Murder – Rob Burton’s new urban fantasy novel on Amazon Kindle.

5 Star Reviews. – “It’s a fairy story the like of which you won’t have seen before.” James Gault. The Voice of Literature.

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