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Lingo Poem from a Cunning Linguist

It's interesting as one trolls around the various internet pages, Facebook groups and Twitter how language developed. I'm not really too much of a Cunning Linguist but I wrote this for your delectation.

Lingo Poem,

Well to the jay-bad-unbad-goodbad Yakking on the myriad language launch pad Banging on a mouse pad, stamp pad, like mad Talking bout a hot pad, hip pad, scratch pad You got the linguistic jay-bad sketch pad I got the well mad, like bad, mossad Spying on the language, bad lad, big dad No fad, shabad, send me back to riyadh Don’t get mad, get on the pad Listen to the lingo that makes you glad Word plaid, strictly rad, Well to the jay-bad-unbad-goodbad

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