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Been doing some marketing

Writing a novel is just half the battle. An indie author such as myself spends as much time marketing the book as writing it. Maybe even more so. We are not JK Rowling or Dan Brown with the might of a big publishing company behind us. We have to do the hard work ourselves, and often for very little recompense. The key thing is, I believe, being creative with our time and money. I have realised that to constantly spam writers facebook pages with adverts and links to my book is basically preaching to the converted. Why would they want to read my bloody book when all their time is spent trying to promote their own bloody book?

Yes, we have all heard of the successes, The Martian, even 50 Shades of Bloody Grey, but most of us are seeing our novels, good and bad, fester away on Amazon kindle never really going anywhere, and not making us much money either. Not that being an indie author will make one rich and famous. Most writers have a main stream or second job to keep the wolf from the door and while they no longer need to buy ink or typewriter ribbons they do need to pay for the wifi connection or at least coffee down at the local Starbucks or connected coffee bar.

There are plenty of companies that are willing to help spend our money to in our search for an audience for our writing. From the vultures of the vanity press brigade to the fiverr's who offer to tweet our books to their eleventy billion followers for just $10 for one week. I admit I tried it. That was $10's I'll never see again. It's simpler for me to tweet to the whole world than pay some random person to do the job for me.

Nevertheless I keep trying here are my some of my current attempts.

If you feel like it is worthwhile, you could subscribe to my website on the home page and you will get lots of freebies - if you are patient.

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