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A small savoury portion - an appetizer

amuse-bouche in British

French (amyzbuʃ)


an appetizer before a meal

Word origin of 'amuse-bouche'

from French amuser amuse, gratify + bouche mouth

amuse-bouche in American

(ɑmuzˈbuʃ ; ämo̅ozbo̅oshˈ; French amyzbuʃ; ȧmüzbo̅osh)

noun Word forms: plural aˈmuse-bouches (ɑmuzˈbuʃ ; ämo̅ozbo̅oshˈ; Frenchamyzˈbuʃ; ȧmüzbo̅oshˈ)

a small, savory portion of food served before a meal, typically without charge at restaurants

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