My Shortstory is a winner.


Rob Burton — The Storyteller: A man who walks the Earth in perpetuity chronicling the lifetimes of those he touches. Rob was born in Birmingham, UK and currently lives in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. Rob’s story will be published in IP’s Annual Anthology of Thought, along with the other monthly contest winners. Congratulations Rob!

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The first paragraph.

The Storyteller by Rob Burton

I lie in my bed. It is dark. Through my open window I can hear the sounds of the city. Sirens. The traffic rumbling along below. The indistinct chatter of passersby. Occasionally a scream rises into a fireworks crescendo. Shouts and screams punctuated by cracked voices yelling ‘Fuck Off!’ ‘Cunt!’ These are the usual aggressive words of the street used by the drunks, the drugged and the dispossessed that roam the empty roads looking for taxis, sex or the opportunity to beat someone to a pulp.

This is my night - my City.

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