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Book Blog Tour with M.L. Ruscsak

Name: M.L. Ruscsak

Please give us a short introductory bio. – Growing up in Lorain, Ohio Melisa had big dreams of one day opening her own restaurant. So, she attended L.C.J.V.S and the culinary arts program to help her achieve her goals. However, life had other plans for her. In 2011 after a life threating and life changing event she began writing as a way to communicate and put her thoughts into words.

Once married in 2013 her now husband convinced her to do more with her writing and seek publication. By the end of 2016 her new dream came to life with the first publication of “The New Reign”

Now with her third book being ready to be released she has been nominated for several small literary awards and has been a winner of the 2017: 50 Great Author that you should be reading.

Where in the world are you? Currently I reside in Lucas, Ohio

Where in the world would you like to be? Ireland or maybe Scotland but only for a visit

Social Media (Please provide links & handles):

Favourite book: Anything in the realm of “The Black Jewels”

Favourite snack when writing: That really depends. I have to have my coffee handy, but food wise would be anything that is small that I can pick at. Usually popcorn (either white cheddar or caramel) , sometimes pretzels and rarely chocolate

What do you write on – computer (what type) – software –pen and pencil – quill and vellum – and tell us why. My desktop dell is my main writing tool. Between Word, Free Writer, Ginger and Grammarly it has exactly what I need. Laptops are fine for when I’m away from my house but I have to transfer everything back to the desktop once I get home.

Where do you write? (Can you post a photo?) Mostly in my living room. Occasionally I’ll pull my desktop into my office space.

What are your current projects? Coming in March I will be releasing my third book in the “Lite and Darke” Series. Currently I’m rewriting “A Mother’s Sin” which will be book 1 in a three-part series. And also, I’m working on a cook book with modified recipes for those with Lactose and soy allergies

Can you share a little of your current work with us (no more than 1000 words)?

From “The Fallen”:

3000 Years Ago

During the Great War

In but just a few fleeting moments war would be raging on this star. Fey would fall in battle until there was a victor. Until he, the Ruler of Pallas, ruled all of the settled Star Cities. Until he was the absolute ruler and master of all of the Fey.

But that was still moments away.

Right now, his army rested. They dined on food that the abomination known as Primitiva had left for them. Ignorant fools. Could they not see that she was trying to persuade them to fight for her? Trying to sway them into joining her ranks as a mindless drone.

No, of course not.

They only saw the food and soft bedding that she had left for them. Only saw what she wanted them to see instead of what really was. But he knew the truth. Oh, yes, he knew her secrets. And one day they would all come to be known.

Shuffling into a private room, he found a large gold desk with a high back seat. Not something that he would normally find comfortable, but it would do for the moment. It would do for what he had in store for the so-called goddess.

Lightly his fingers caressed the pages of blank parchment that had been left. Touched the white feathered quill still standing upright in the inkwell. A bitter smile twitched his lips as he called in the Seer’s stone that he had inherited long before he ruled Pallas. Long before, when he was still known by his true name. A name that he no longer remembered himself.

Just a thin red stone. Just a small piece of a greater stone. Ah, but the whole had been splintered off and lost long ago. And only this one small piece was said to ever be found. But it was enough to learn all that he needed.

Sitting the flat red stone on the desk, he watched as events unfolded. Watched knowing with certainty how this war would end only to breathe life for a new threat.

Carefully, he slid his narrow body into the seat. His withered fingers taking hold of the quill. As he began to write, perhaps the last letter that he may ever write. A dollop of sorrow and perhaps anger filled him.

So many have tried to destroy me. Too many have already been sacrificed to the void for their disobedience. When will those who I rule over realize that it is I who protected them? That it is I who keeps the abominations from breeding.

But it's too late now. There are two. Two creators who are both too strong to be killed by any other than the Silent One. They will come soon for their blood. Come to destroy the rest of the Fey once they have a taste of those powers. Nothing will stop them, then….


I fear that I will be killed here on this distant star. Far away from my home on Pallas. Far away from those who are truly loyal.

But I do not fear death. It comes to all. It will come for those creators. It will come for the things that they have brought into this world.

No, I will not see the end of these creatures. But death will be kind, for I will never know the wrath of the Silent Ones. I will never feel their teeth tearing into my skin while I still breath. And I will never know how it feels to have my power drained from my body.

But the creations do not know what it is that I have hidden away in the depth of Pallas. They do not know that whoever rules will forever be tainted. Their lust for power will draw the Silent Ones out of hiding. The next ruler of Pallas will be the death of the Fey.

Pulling a small box from loose fitting robes, he sat the journal entry inside along with the Seer’s stone. One day a creation will find it. One day they will activate the visions that have been foretold. They will understand. They will take steps to end the blood line that will destroy the Fey.

They had to.

Part 1

Secrets of the past

“This world has seen peace while the stars have only seen war. What comes next, no one can say with certainty. No one dares to speculate. But I know what is to come, for I have seen it too many times not to understand the meaning. Things that should have been forgotten will come unraveled. The darkness will consume my darlings.

All of that I have created will perish. There is a way to stop this. I’ve seen her. Her powers… Oh, her glorious powers. Many will want to control her. Others… Will seek to destroy her. If my secrets can be kept for just a little while longer, perhaps what I have seen can be stopped.”

-Private journal of the goddess

Chapter 1: Vasilissa

From high within the tower of the Castle Fire, Vasilissa stood watching the guards opened the castle gates. Shrouded by the darkness of the setting sun, she watched as scores of people file in. Watch as those born to Feyen shied away from those from Draken and yet still looked down at those who are immune to their abilities. She watched as the Draken royal family pull other from their lands away before it struck out, leaving nothing more than a blood stain on the cold stone pathway. However, as her dark eyes narrowed she saw the serpents from the marsh slipping past the guards. Watched as they slipped along the high walls disappearing into the brush. Would-be assassin… perhaps, or possibly they could be merry well-wishers wishing to hide from those who would devour them.

Bah! This was her cousin’s doing. She would bet her life on this. Just as she could bet Dalinda would make a play for the crown of Feyen before all was said and done.

Why did you write that? What inspired it? After writing the Prequel to “The New Reign” I realized that some of the characters needed their own story. And some back story was needed to fully understand the Final book in the series.

Do you have any advice for other writers? Don’t give up. If you have a dream to see your work in print the don’t stop until you reach your goal.

Who is your favourite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work? Anne Bishop. There is just something with her writing style that captivates me from the very first page and leaves me wanting more.

Can you tell us a writerly joke? “You can’t run through a campground. You can only “ran” because it’s past tents.

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